U8 Football Manager:Enda Mc Guane Contact Number 087-4192551.

WhatsApp group:  Clarinbridge u8 Football.



Welcome to Clarinbridge GAA under 8 Football!!


This is an exciting time for the club as we are due to launch a new strategic plan which will provide a vision for where the club is going over the next five years. Many of you will have participated in the club survey conducted last November and the plan will be largely based on suggestions you put forward.

One of the key issues raised by parents was that they wanted their children to get regular exercise in a fun and safe environment with their friends and that’s what the Juvenile (Under 18) part of the club attempts to provide. This newsletter sets out how the Under 8 football team will operate this year  


Age Groups

GAA teams work on a calendar year basis so to be eligible for under 8 in 2017 your child must have been born on or after 01 Jan 2009.



Please log on to www.clarinbridgegaa.ie to register your child as a member of the club, the cost is €40 for the year. This is the only cost to you of your child participating in under 8 football for 2017, if your child is already registered as part of the under 8 hurling then they are already a member and you don’t need to register twice. Adults are also welcome to join and one of the focus points of the new strategic plan will be on providing more social and community benefits for adult members as well as children.  


Training Schedule

Training will start at 6.30pm on Tuesday evenings and will last for one hour, weather permitting. Training takes place on the Flemings Field pitch which is signposted at the main entrance to the club. The season will run from 25th April until mid-October. However there will be no training for the first three weeks of August due to Summer holidays. We will play other teams in friendly matches or blitzes and we will share this with you during the year.



We have set up a WhatsApp group called “Clarinbridge u8 Football” and we will share all information with you via this group. We appreciate that many of you are parts of lots of groups so there is no need to acknowledge any of the messages.


Tracksuit Pants or shorts (depending on the weather), Jersey/T Shirt, Hoody Top or Tracksuit Top, Football Boots/Astroturf Shoes (Avoid Boots with Blades!!). A gum shield is mandatory for all children and you can get a basic gum shield in any sports shop or even in some Centra shops. Alternately you can get a custom made one from your dentist but this is much more expensive. Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle with them to training.



At under eight level we follow the GAA’s nursery programme syllabus. This focuses on the development of Fundamental Movement and Basic Motor skills which should be developed in the early years of physical development and provide the basis for all further movement and motor development as children grow. The programme is split in to two core areas:

Agility Balance Coordination (ABC) - The ABC element focuses on fundamental movement skills including Crawling, Rolling, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Running and Jumping skills

Have a Ball (Skills Development) – This focuses on basic motor skills including Throwing, Catching and Passing, Kicking and Striking skills on the player's ability to play with and manipulate a ball. Teaching children the basic skills of the game Catching, Kicking, the Tackle

However the core emphasis is on FUN and ensuring that each child has a positive experience regardless of their ability!!


Attendance Sheet

From an insurance perspective we are required to keep a log of parents contact details and to record the names of children who attend each week. Sheila Whyte has kindly volunteered to take this list each week so when you bring your child to training please contact Sheila to ensure that she has their details.


Parent Participation

We appreciate that some parents would like to get involved in some way during training but may feel they don’t have the necessary experience. This is not a barrier, Everyone has to start somewhere!!

There are lots of things we need help with each week from setting out equipment to supervising small groups (2-3) children when they are practicing a skill. We really want you to get involved as the more adults we have helping out the better the children’s experience will be. We will provide the guidance you need to get involved and will gladly welcome anyone who wants to lend a hand.

If you have any further questions or there is something we haven’t made clear or you just want to lend a hand please feel free to contact me on 087-4192551. Looking forward to a great year!!

Enda Mc Guane



Club History

Clarinbridge was involved from the very beginning of the G.A.A. in Galway. Fr. Lee in this book "The Annals of G.A.A. in Galway" describes how over 7,000 people gathered in Clarinbridge to watch a match between Clarinbridge and Labane in 1885.