U6 & U8

Hurling Academy Coaches (U6 & U8s)

Head coach- Mark Kerins 087 684 4319

Supporting coaches

Damien O'Brien, Paul D'Arcy, Padraic Cormican, Ger Conolin, Richard Corcoran, Ger Lawlor

Darragh Coen, Alan Stack, Harry Costello, Gerry Carty, James Collins, Jim Deely



U6 and U8 communication relating to training etc. will be communicated through WhatsApp. Parent contact details will be gleaned from membership details.



It is a club requirement that each child becomes a juvenile club member. Please register to become club member @ Clarinbridge GAA Membership Link

We also encourage that at least one parent for each child also becomes a member. 

Any child born in 2012 or younger classify as Under 6s.

Any child born in 2010 or 2011 classify as Under 8s.

Any child born in 2008 or 2009 classify as Under 10s.


Training Times and Venues

Training will typically run every Friday evening.

In all cases, please arrive a few minutes early to training so that we are ready to commence at start time sharp for children to get the most out of the training session.

Additionally, its mandatory that attendance is taken at every training session. For the first few sessions, we will also be requesting parent and child details as part of taking attendance to ensure our records are correct.

In all cases helmets are required. Kids may also want to bring water. 

Date Group Location Training Start Time Training Finish Time Notes
09 March 2018 U6s * Indoor - Clarinbridge School

6:00pm sharp

7:00pm Hurls provided.
09 March 2018 U8s Colga Astro

5:30pm sharp

6:15pm Please bring your own hurl.
16 March 2018 U6s * Indoor - Clarinbridge School

6:00pm sharp

7:00pm Hurls provided.
16 March 2018 U8s Colga Astro

5:30pm sharp

6:15pm Please bring your own hurl.
23 March 2018 U6s * Indoor - Clarinbridge School

6:15pm sharp

7:15pm Indoor hurls provided.
23 March 2018 U8s Colga Astro

6:00pm sharp

7:00pm Please bring your own hurl.
30 March 2018 U6s * Indoor - Clarinbridge School

6:15pm sharp

7:15pm Indoor hurls provided.
30 March 2018 U8s Colga Astro

6:00pm sharp

7:00pm Please bring your own hurl.

* For indoor training, please ensure children wear appropriate footwear; €1 per kid for hall hire.


One critical aspect to hurling and player development for these age groups is to ensure that children play with the correct hurl size. In lots of cases, most children at this age group are playing with hurls that are too big for them and result in poor player skills development.

The club will facilitate the measurement of children at some of the early training sessions to ensure correct hurls can be purchased. If you haven't got a hurl for your kid, please reach out to any of the coaches for advice on ensuring the appropriately sized and weighed (light-weight) hurl is subsequently purchased.

Please refer to the following links for details on correct hurl size and measurement; 

Cultec - How to measure the correct hurley size 

Peter Casey - Hurl Fitting Video



With respect to helmets, the club will be in receipt of a limited amount of helmets from GAA - but typically, its closer to summer before these are made available. As there is a limited amount and due to fact that they are available well after training has commenced, recommendation is to purchase from retailers as appropriate. 

FYI - Aldi sometimes do a run with helmets where they typically in the past have retailed around €40. (Understand Aldi to be launching hurling gear on April 6th!)

Additionally, there are Azzuri helmets on-line for €50 at www.azzurri.ie


Other Information


Refer to GAA Child Welfare and Protection Vetting for all key aspects of GAA Vetting policy.

The following are the key steps required to get Vetted to assist and participate with U6/U8 coaching; 

1. You must fill in the GAA E-Vetting ID Form

2. Once GAA E-Vetting ID form is completed, the form along with the various relevant proof of idenity and address information must be provided to the Club Childrens Officer.

3. You must fill in the following GAA on-line E-Vetting application form 

You have an option to re-attach your proof of identity and address information as part of this online form submission - or you can select the option that this information has been furnished to the Clubs Children's Officer.

On successful completion, you will be given a GAA vetting registration number. You will also receive an email with your application form attached and said registration number referenced.



Club History

Clarinbridge was involved from the very beginning of the G.A.A. in Galway. Fr. Lee in this book "The Annals of G.A.A. in Galway" describes how over 7,000 people gathered in Clarinbridge to watch a match between Clarinbridge and Labane in 1885.